Hari-katha Team

Book writing and distribution

SOME TEAM MEMBERS: Pujyapada Madhava Maharaja, Sriman Brajanath dasa, Syamarani dasi, Krsna-kamini dasi, Vasanti dasi, Govinda-priya dasi, Janaki dasi, Hariballabha dasi, Anita dasi

For the last several years, we have been dedicated to recording and typing of Srila Gurudeva's lectures from all over the world, and sending them out to our harikatha e-mail list. At present our list consists of about 11,000 readers.

We also take photographs and write reports about Srila Gurudeva's festivals and events, and we send that to our list as well. In general, by Srila Gurudeva's causeless mercy, we regularly send out such lectures and photo-tour-reports every few days. We also have a New Person's list, to which we send out five or six of Srila Gurudeva's introductory lectures. After they receive these introductory lectures (they get about one every week), we add the recipients to the regular harikatha mailing list.

Various devotees from around-the-world send us emails of people they meet either while they are distributing books, from their temple, friends, family, or someone they met in the community and we put them on the new persons list. Usually while we are traveling, I (Vasanti dasi) meet someone at the airport or on the plane who I talk to for awhile and then ask them if they would like to receive inspiring lectures of our spiritual master, and they always say yes.

Our Needs

Needs: transcribers, editors, computers, mp3 recorders, earphones, and blank CDs. Send in names and e-mail addresses to add to the mailing list!

How You can Participate

computers and blank CDs. Send in names and e-mail addresses to add to the mailing list!

The Speciality of The Gift of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu


Thank you.  Aspiring to serve Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas.

Vaijayanti mala dasi



Dandavat pranama,

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Srila Gurudeva wants volumes of books of his morning walks and darsans. We have already begun (with a small team) to transcribe his walks starting with 2008. We need more transcribers and editors though. If anyone is interested, please write to me at vasantidasi@gmail.com or Madan Mohini dasi at: madanamohini@gmail.com

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Created: Jul 24 2009